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Listen to a conversation featuring real English. This ESL lessons comes with a script, quiz and vocabulary.

1350 In the Club
#1350 In the Club
Aimee talks about working part-time.
1349 In the Tropics
#1349 In the Tropics
Paul talks about a job in the rainforest.
1346 City Down Under
#1348 Single's Day
Why we celebrate some holidays?
1346 City Down Under
#1347 Commercial Xmas
Are holidays too commercial?
1346 City Down Under
#1346 City Down Under
Shirley talks about Melbourne.
1345 The Weekend
#1345 The Weekend
Shirley talks about her weekend.
1344 The Gilded Cage
#1344 The Gilded Cage
Ana shares a movie about being Portuguese.
1343 Dallas Buyers Club
#1343 Dallas Buyers Club
Michael talks about a serious topic.
1342 Unplugged
#1342 Unplugged
Aimee talks about digital habits.
1341 E-Mail Overload
#1341 E-Mail Overload
Paul talks about keeping up with e-mail.
1340 Life Without Cars
#1340 Life Without Cars
Jeremy compares life without cars.
1339 Pet Peeves on the Bus
#1339 Pet Peeves on the Bus
Jeremy talks about things that annoy him.
1338 Brotherly Love
#1338 Brotherly Love
Talking about brothers and sisters.
1337 Big Family
#1337 Big Family
Sorie talks about living in a big family.
1336 Do you play music?
#1336 Do you play music?
Josh talks about the music he likes.
1335 Tacoma is Home
#1335 Tacoma is Home
Josh talks about his hometown.
1334 Big Neighbor
#1334 Big Neighbor
Ana compares being small to something that is big.
1333 Portugal in Contrast
#1333 Portugal in Contrast
Ana talks about how her country is similar to Spain.
1332 Family Routine
#1332 Family Routine
Amy compares lifestyle routines.
1331 Morning Routine
#1331 Morning Routine
Aimee and Paul talk about morning routine.
1330 Best Teacher
#1330 Best Teacher
Abidemi talks about her favorite teachers.
1329 Student vs Teacher
#329 Student vs Teacher
Being a teacher and a student.
1328 Ocean Encounters
#1328 Ocean Encounters
Sorie and Mark talk about meeting sealife.
1327 Paddle Board
#1327 Paddle Board
Mark talks about a new popular sport.
1326 Living on the Cheap
#1326 Living on the Cheap
Dan talks about how he saves by living in Southeast Asia.

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