Game - SixPix #6 | Beginner 2


What holiday does the speaker describe?

imageOK, this holiday is for lovers. The magic color is red and the holiday is on February 14th and on this holiday you give people chocolate and sometimes cards. It's Valentine's Day.

imageOK, this holiday is a little spooky. You wear a costume and you get lots of candy and some people like to carve pumpkins to make Jack-o-lanterns. It falls on October 31st. It's Halloween.

imageOK, this holiday is on March 17th and on this day you celebrate Irish people and and Irish heritage. The magic color of this holiday is green. You wear green. You eat green food and drink green beverages. It's St. Patrick's Day.

imageThis holiday varies from country to country and it celebrates the birthday of your country and in America we watch fireworks and eat hot dogs and have barbeques.

It's independence day and in the U.S. it's on July 4th.

imageOK, this holiday in the United States is on the fourth thursday of every November and on this holiday you celebrate all the good things you have in your life. Usually you get together with your family and have a big meal and eat turkey. It's Thanksgiving.

imageOK, this holiday is when you get together with your family and exchange gifts and often you decorate a tree. It is mainly celebrated by Christians. It falls on December 25th. It's Christmas.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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