Game - SixPix #7 | Beginner 2

Car Dude!

What picture matches the audio?
imageThis is Joe. It looks like he has car trouble and he's stranded on the road. In this picture he's sitting in the car and his feet are on the ground. He's half in the car and half out the car with the door open. He has his head down and he's thinking. What is he going to do?

imageNow Joe is behind the car. He's behind the car and he's putting gasoline in the car. Yeah, maybe that's it. Maybe the car is just out of gas. Maybe that will solve Joe's problems.

imageNow Joe is in front of the car. He has the hood up and he's looking at the engine. Hmm! I'm not so sure Joe can solve the problem. Maybe the problem is not the engine. Hmm! What's Joe gonna do?

imageNow Joe is away from the car. He's looking at a map. He's thinking about maybe walking. I don't know. He looks like he's a long distance from anywhere. Do you think Joe should walk?

imageNow Joe is on the car. He's sitting on the car and I think Joe had given up. It's not the engine. It's not the gas. He's too far to walk. I don't think Joe knows what to do.

imageOK, now Joe is leaning against the car. He's beside the car and leaning against it. It's getting dark. Hmm, what should Joe do? Should he stay? Should he walk? Should he spend the night in the car? Joe doesn't have very many choices.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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