Game - SixPix #9 | Beginner 2

Daily Diet

What foods are described in the audio?

imageOK, let's talk a little about food. First let's talk about breakfast. I love breakfast. I eat breakfast every morning. I never skip breakfast. Before I used to have cereal every day but now I'm very busy so usually just have a muffin on the run. I can get a muffin on my way to work. Sometimes I cook and make eggs but it's pretty rare. I don't have eggs that often.

imageOne thing I have to have every morning is coffee. I must have my coffee. Usually I pick up my coffee at the local cafe and I always get my coffee in a paper cup so I can take it with me. I never us a styrofoam cup because I think styrofoam is really bad for the environment. If they give me a styrofoam cup, then usually I decline it and I just have my coffee in a ceramic cup, in a traditional cup. But usually the paper cup is best for me.

imageRecently, I've put on some weight so I'm trying to stay in shape so I'm trying to cut out fast food in my diet. I used to eat pizza and sandwiches every day but not so much anymore. Now I pretty much just have salad, but occasionally I might have a slice of pizza, but usually it's just salad these days.

imageIn the afternoon, I like to have a snack and since I'm on a diet I try to eat fruit. I love all fruits. I love apples. I love oranges. I love bananas. Usually I have a banana because bananas are very easy to peel and unlike an orange, or an apple, when you eat a banana, your fingers don't get sticky. I don't like how your fingers get sticky when you eat an orange but I do love how oranges taste.

imageIn the evening I usually have noodles. I love noodles. I used to have pasta all the time and cook pasta at home but lately I'm kind of lazy and I usually go out for noodles. I like asian noodles. I eat udon which is a Japanese style noodle a lot, but recently, I've been eating lots of korean noodles, and Korean noodles are my favorite dish. It's great because they put eggs in the noodles and a little kimchi and some spices and a little bit of meat. It's really good, so I really enjoy the Korean noodles.

imageSometimes I cheat on my diet and I have dessert at night. I love all kinds of desserts. I love cheesecake and I love milkshakes and I love cake. If I'm going to have dessert at home I usually have a milkshake because I can just make it myself and if I go to a restaurant or diner and I'm with friends then maybe I'll have the cheesecake or a piece of cake but I try to have dessert maybe just once or twice a week and when I do, it's usually a milkshake.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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