Game - SixPix #11 | Beginner 2

The Phone Call

Can you do the speaker a favor?
imageHey, hello. Hey, Oh, man I'm so glad I got you on the phone. This is Mark. Hey, listen, I really need you to do me a favor. I'm still in New York. I was supposed to come home but it looks like I need to stay in New York for two more days, so I really need you to do me a favor.

imageOK, can you go to my house and take care of some things. You know, I thought I would be home today but I can' t get home. I just have some things that I really need you to do, so please go to my house if you can.

imageOK, the first thing I need you to do is to check my mail. I should have a lot of mail. It will be in the front door and it really piles up and I have an important letter that's coming so can you take the mail out and put it on the kitchen table.

imageAlso, I left enough food and water for my dog but just to be sure can you just check and make sure the dog has food and water and please walk the dog if you have time. I'm sure he's really frustrated because he hasn't been walked in a few days so please feed the dog and take him for a walk.

imageOh, yeah, and my flowers. Listen I really need you to water the flowers, my plants inside the house. Don't worry about the garden outside the house in the backyard because the lawn and the flowers in the garden are on an automatic sprinkler system so they can get water, but can you water the plants inside the house.

imageOK, and one last thing. I'm going to get home really late in a couple days and if it's possible can you come to the airport and pick me up. I'm on flight 755 on Delta and I arrive at 11:10 at night, so can you please some and pick me up. It would be a huge help. Thanks.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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