Game - SixPix #13 | Beginner 2

Job Center

What jobs does the speaker mention?
imageThanks for calling the local College Job Center. We have lots of jobs just for you. Our first job is at the local radio station. We need a DJ. This person needs to work from 5 to 8 in the morning, morning people, on Saturday and Sunday. This is perfect for people who love music. You need to have a good clear voice, and if you like to go out and stay late and, you know, party on Saturday and Sunday, this job is not for you.

imageAlright, we also got a job for people that love animals. The local pet care company needs people to walk dogs for people when they're out of town, so if you like dogs, you like exercise, and you know, you want to be outside, this is a good job for you. It pays ten dollars an hour, but hours very. It summer there's lots of work because people are out of town, but in winter, not so much, so it kind of depends, but still, if you like animals, it's a good job.

imageNow if you want a job where you don't have to talk to people and you like good physical work, then you should work for the university bookstore. They need people in their warehouse. Basically the books come in. You got to take the books out of the boxed and stack them in the warehouse. It pays pretty good. It's fifteen dollars an hour. The hours are flexible but you got to work at least twenty hours a week, so if you need lots of money and you want to work hard this is a good job for you.

imageThis is probably our best job. It pays twenty dollars an hour. We need somebody to work with the university president, but you got to know computers. You must know Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. You need to be able to type sixty words a minute. And you have to have good phone skills. But job pays twenty dollars an hour and it's twenty hours a week so it's really good for students if you need to make a lot of money.

imageAlso, it looks like we have a job at the university movie theater. They need ushers and ticket collectors, so the pay's not so great - only seven dollars an hour - but the hours are pretty good, about twenty hours a week, but you get to see movies for free. You get free popcorn. Things like that. The bad thing about his job, is you got to work Friday and Saturdays. They say that's very important. Everybody must work Friday and Saturday night.

imageWe have one more job if you're interested. If you have a car, you must have your own car, the pizza palace is looking for people do deliver pizzas on campus. Basically you deliver pizzas. You got to move quick to get the pizzas there as soon as people order them, but it's a nice job if you like to drive, you like to be by yourself, but you like to meet people. The pay is eight dollars an hour and you get tips. So usually they say it works out to about fifteen dollars an hour with tips. Oh, another thing. You got to work weekends - Friday and Saturday night.

OK, those are all the jobs at the job center. Hopefully you found something just for you.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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