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Christmas Traditions Part 1

What traditions does the speaker mention?
Let's talk about Christmas. Actually first, let's not talk about Christmas so much but Christmas Eve, so Christmas Eve refers to the night before Christmas. Eve refers to evening, and Christmas Eve is usually a time you get together with your family. Sometimes families have a big dinner. Sometimes you get together with friends, but for children Christmas Eve is when Santa comes, so it is very important for children to put cookies and milk out for Santa so when he comes and delivers presents, he has something to eat.

Speaking of cookies, one of the more popular cookies of Christmas is the gingerbread man. Now the gingerbread man obviously looks like a little man, and it has a very unique taste. We usually only eat gingerbread cookies at Christmas. They taste pretty good. I've never made them, but I love to eat them.

One tradition for Christmas is to decorate your house with lights. We often put lots of Christmas lights on the outside of our house, and some people do different colors. Some people just do white lights, but it's really popular in America. Some people actually leave the lights on until, I don't know, February. They forget to take them down with the new year but having Christmas lights is really popular.

So now it's Christmas morning and Christmas morning one of the first things some people do is they go to church. They go to Christmas Service. For Catholics it's called Christmas Mass and they go and they celebrate the birth of Jesus, which is the reason why we have Christmas, basically, the reason for the holiday.

Another morning tradition usually is to open gifts. Usually, the children run down and they check the gifts under the tree. Usually the children have to wait until their parents come down, so often on Christmas morning little kids are bugging their parents to "wake-up, wake-up, wake-up" so they can go down and see what they have for Christmas.

Another tradition for Christmas is the nativity scene. Now the nativity scene is the scene that has the story of Christmas so it would be basically a 'Joseph' and a 'Mary' and then 'The Baby Jesus' and then sometimes 'The Three Wise Men' and then usually it's called 'in a manger' which is like an old, I guess an animal shack or something, I'm not sure, but often people have a nativity scene inside their house, or outside their house to celebtrate Christmas.

That's it. That's part one about our things about Christmas. Stay tuned for more.

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