Game - SixPix #19 | Beginner 2


What movies does the speaker mention?
imageWhat's that movie? It's a science fiction, like fantasy movie and it takes place in this magical world and it's about the, I think three or four children, they go into this fantasy world through some piece of furniture in their house, like through their dresser or something and they meet up with giants and dwarves, like little people and talking beasts and all these fantasy creatures like that.

imageI think this was the most popular movie of 2005. It's a science fiction movie and it takes place in outer space but actually the story is more like a drama. It's about a guy who has a secret wife and she's pregnant and he's worred that she'll die while giving birth so he does anything he can to prevent her death including turning to the dark side.


imageOh, I saw this movie. It's Brad Pitt is in it, and it's a romantic sort of action movie and it's about a couple who seem to have normal lives but actually in secret life they are assassins. They kill people. That's their job,and eventually they're hired to kill each other even though they are a couple and they're married. They're employed to try to assassinate each other.

imageI don't like crime stories so much, but this one I saw and it's a pretty good movie. Christian Bale is in it and it takes place in a big city. This major metropolis, and this kids parents were killed when he was young and he decides that he's going to get revenge against the criminals in this city. He does this training program and he creates this special suite and he uses all kinds of high tech weapons to fight all of the evil forces in the city so he's, he's this major crime fighter.

imageI didn't see this one but it got pretty good reviews and a lot of people said it was really funny. It's like an action adventure comedy and it takes place in a New York Zoo and later one they go an African island and it's about this group, this group of animals who live in the zoo and the penguins decide that want to lead everyone out, so the animals escape from the zoo and they go on a journey to find out what it's like to live in the wild again.

imageThis one's a sci-fi film. Sci-fi is short for science fiction and it takes place, I think, yeah, it takes place in the U.S. and it's in the future. Tom Cruise is in it and it's about the earth being attacked by aliens.

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