Game - SixPix #25 | Beginner 2


What clothes does the speaker mention?

Let's talk about clothes. The first bit of clothing you wear on your feet and they keep you feet warm, now you wouldn't want to wear these on a really warm day and you want to make sure they stay dry. If these get wet, they're no fun to wear on your feet.

The next group is pants, and these pants you can wear indoors or outdoors in summer or winter. You can wear these for casual wear or you can wear these to work but usually only if you have a job like construction. Usually if you have an office job, you can't wear these pants.

The next picture are belts and these belts are used to hold up your pants and usually it's made of leather and could wear this with jeans or with formal wear, pretty much you can wear this belt anywhere.

The next picture is a picture of a shirt and this shirt you can wear for casual wear or you can maybe wear to work. Usually people wear this shirt to work and it goes good with a tie and this is a nice shirt because it's not too bright cause usually you don't want a bright shirt for work because it's too loud, so this is a nice conservative color you can wear to work.

In the next picture we have a tie. Now this tie is also good for work and this tie can go with pretty much any shirt because it's solid. It doesn't have any stripes of patterns so you can wear this shirt with a solid shirt or maybe a striped shirt or maybe a shirt with a pattern because this shirt does not have, I'm sorry, this tie does not have stripes or patterns.

In the last picture is a watch and this watch looks pretty cheap. I don't think it costs very much money because it's made of plastic and it looks like it has no metal or no leather so it's pretty cheap. It would be a good watch maybe to go jogging in.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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