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Quiz 1: Vocabulary Focus
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Quiz 2: Comprehension Q's
Answer the following questions about the interview.
Quiz 3: Questions for You!
Listen to the questions to practice fluency (quick response), listening and grammar (dictation), pronunciation (drilling) or vocabulary (recycling).

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Superbowl Party

MX89 Space Travel

Several people discuss investing in space travel.

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living in poverty

It's pretty hard to argue that we need space travel if you have people living in poverty in your country.

Living in poverty means having a lifestyle with very little money, or simply poor. Here are two more examples:

  1. Students who are living in poverty have a good chance of getting a university scholarship if they get good grades in high school.
  2. In some places the people living in poverty seem happier than the rich people.


There are so many diseases, war, and education problems.
Disease means sickness. Notice the following examples below:

  1. His disease eventually caused him to lose his eyesight and he became completely blind.
  2. Children should get vaccinations when they are young to avoid common diseases.


We should resolve things such as environmental issues before we look beyond our own home.

When a problem is resolved it means that it is fixed. Here are some additional uses:

  1. They finally found a resolution to the problem.
  2. I’m wondering if you could help me resolve a little conflict?


I don't think it should be a priority, but I do think it's worthwhile.

A priority is something that is more important than other things. Here are some more examples:

  1. Health should always be your first priority.
  2. I’d love to go swimming today, but I guess it’s not my first priority.


Perhaps a little bit of the budget should go towards that.

A budget is the amount of money that is available to be spent. See additional examples below:

  1. Sorry, I can’t go with you. I’m on a tight budget and I don’t have enough money.
  2. We bought everything we wanted and we still have money in our budget.