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Vocabulary Review
Fill the gaps with the words below.
  1. Be sure to an umbrella before you leave.
  2. , we all worry about money, even rich people.
  3. People began to in the economy.
  4. Because I am fat, I about my weight.
  5. My big brother always me as a kid.

Comprehension Quiz
Read or listen to the text and answer the questions below.
Mixer #95 Do you worry about your appearance?
Several people discuss how much thought they put into their appearance.

George, United States
speakerDo I worry about my appearance? Yeah, I do. In high school I didn't worry about it at all, but I don't know, coming to college, I really became self-concious about my image and I tried to reinvent myself in a way, so yeah.

Aiste, Lithuania
speakerI don't think I really worry about my appearance because I don't have much time to worry about my appearance, and I don't consider it that important, but maybe sometimes I'd like to spend some time on it.

Enam, Bangladesh
speakerActually, I don't worry about my appearance but sometimes when it goes beyond the limit then I had to because everyone is a social being and it's different when it looks good and it's different when it looks bad. I think I lose my confidence when I look bad.

Jess, England
speakerYes, I do. I wish I didn't but I do. I spend quite a lot of time shopping, choosing clothes, doing my hair, fixing my make-up, getting my nails done, so yeah, I spend quite a lot of time on my appearance.

Christophe, Belgium
speakerWell, actually, I don't really worry about my appearance. I'm already telling myself to go to the hairdresser's for two months, and I still didn't go, so maybe I should worry a little but more because my hair really looks awful right now.

Chrystal, United States
speakerI don't. I think I'm OK. I used to be really worried when I was a kid cause, I don't know, like, I've been called four-eyes when I was in school by boys and I used to be bullied, but right now I sort of like my glasses, and I sort of like my appearance, so I'm not that worried anymore.

Lia, Indonesia
speakerNo, I don't really worry about my appearance. I'm not the type of person stands in front of a mirror before I go out for a very long time, so I just grab everything that I need and I just wear it and go out, but I still think that maintaining your appearance in front of public, especially in formal occasions, is very important.

Hanna, Australia
speakerI think everybody worries about their appearance to some extent. I don't worry about my appearance a lot but I think even in our society you're often judged by the way you look, so to be part of society at least, to some small degree, you have to worry about your appearance.

MJ, Korea
speakerYes, I think, as an Asian, my nose is too low and I kind of have a complex on it. And actually, I really want to do the plastic surgery, but it's kind of scary. I cannot do it.


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