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  1. A good teacher will the students when talking to them.
  2. I hope to some Spanish while I am in Peru.
  3. We are not allowed to at work.
  4. He is to this region, so he speaks the local language.
  5. Her is German but she only speaks it at home.

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MX100 What is the best way to learn Engish?
Listen to six non-native speakers of English share their secrets in becoming fully bi-lingual in English.
Diego, Mexico
speakerThe best way to learn English is to go abroad, live in that country for awhile, get used to the culture and make friends. I think socializing is the best way to learn a new language.

Christophe, Belgium
speakerWhat is the best way to learn English? I think the best way to learn English is to talk with native speakers, speakers who have English as their mother tongue, but the really best way to learn English is if you have an English boyfriend or girlfriend because that really makes you learn English a lot faster.

Aiste, Lithuania
speakerI think the best way to learn English is to speak with people in English and try to communicate in English as much as you can, and the next thing I think is to listen for the news and TV and native English speakers and do it as often as possible.

Santi, Indonesia
speakerThe best way to learn English. First, you watch movies. A lot of movies, foreign movies, well, English movies would be the best, and you can choose the movies. That's the first thing you have too, and then second of all, you can learn vocabulary, and the other best things to learn English is having conversation with a native speaker, because you can improve your pronunciation.

MJ, Korea
speakerI think meet many foreigners and make foreign friends cause not only studying a book and read books and correcting grammar, it is important, but you know facing with the real native is one of the most important to improve your English skill.

Katia, Mexico
speakerThe best way to learn English I believe is actually to go a country that they speak English. You will pick it up very fast. There is no other way around. You have to learn or otherwise you will be somewhat outside of the society, so the best way to learn is being around the people that speak English.