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  1. What is your city in terms of quality of living?
  2. Is your room and spacious?
  3. The restaurant was very so there was plenty of room to walk around.
  4. I like to to clear my mind.
  5. The cafe is very quiet during the day but very at night.

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Mixer #102 Dreamhouse
Various people describe what their dream house would be like, what it would have and where it would be.
Samir, Sweden
speakerOh, my dream house? It is on the beach. You have a great view of the ocean and the beach, and it should be really big - a bighouse - with maybe an elevator, and maybe at least three cars and a cinema in the house as well. That would be cool.

Cheryl, Guam
speakerIf I had a dream house, I think that would first of all be next to the ocean. I love the ocean. Secondly, it would probably have really high ceilings because I like places that are very airy and big and spacious. Thirdly, my dream house would definitely have a jacuzzi, a hot tub: something like that, and a very big, big bathroom and a big balcony.

Jonathan, Canada
speakerTo describe my dream house: it would actually be very simple. It would probably be as small a apartment in a large city that was very strong on points of culture - maybe in Barcelona or some city like that. It would probably be a simple apartment in an entertainment, nightlife district with lots of culture around and a very lively scene.

Emily, Djibouti
speakerMy dream house? I don't want a big, big house, just as long as it's surrounded my nature. I don't wanna live in a modern country or a big cities like New York or Tokyo. I prefer quite places where you can really meditate and live your life fully.

Demelza, Australia
speakerMy dream house would be two stories high. It would be made of wooden floor boards and plan white walls, and I think it would have a Thai style decor.

Hoa, Vietnam
speakerMy dream house? I would like to have my house near the beach because I like swimming, I like going to the beach, and I then a lot of windows, so my house should have a lot of windows, so that I can see. I can have a view to the ocean, and it should be far away from the city because I want to enjoy myself and stay away from the noise.