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Good evening, and welcome the ten o'clock news. Tonight's top story:

An oil slick in the North Sea is threatening the lives of wildlife, environmentalists say. It is expected that upto 90,000 birds could die as a result of the 120,000 litre spill. Members of various environmental groups are recruiting volunteers to help care for rescued birds.

A man has been arrested after $20,000 worth of jewellery went missing and was later found dumped in a river. The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will be questioned by police until Friday. The owner of the jewellery has been informed, although it seems that most of the jewellery has been damaged irrepairably.

A local man has just completed a walk across much of mainland Europe. The man set off from Paris, France, 75 days ago. He completed his 1550 mile trip yesterday as he arrived in Moscow. He was greeted by wellwishers, many of whom have been reading his online log. The trip was certainly eventful. He slept in a tent along the way and was fed by local people. The money he has raised will go to local childrens' charities.

Taxi prices are set to rise by 15% this Friday due to inflation. This is the first time that taxi prices have been raised in 5 years, but it is expected that it will have a huge effect on demand for taxis, with a siginificant decline in demand expected. Many people have complained about the measure but protests have been largely ignored.

A new book is causing a storm amongst children nationwide. The book, called 'Open your eyes' has been written by an 85 year old lady, wanting to show children what life used to be like when she was a young girl. The humourous story is said to be attracting thousands of children across the nation, and many bookshops have now sold out. The author is said to be 'surprised' at the book's popularity.

And now for the weather: Tomorrow is expected to be dry and bright, with top temperatures reaching 15 degrees Celcius. This weather should last for a few days until Thursday, when due to a cold front from the West temperatures are expected to plummet to 8 or 9 degrees across most of the country, with showers in the South. That's all from the ten o'clock news team. Thank you for watching and see you tomorrow.