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Good evening and welcome to the ten o'clock news. On tonight's news:

Accommodation costs have risen for the fourth consecutive year, leaving many students struggling to make ends meet, despite already having part time jobs. Students are now expected to pay an average of £80 pounds a week for a single room.

An exhibition of Impressionist paintings is on display in the city museum this weekend. The display marks the anniversary of the death of Monet, one such Impressionist. Admission is £2 per person, but under fives go free.

City office blocks are to be demolished in order to create space for a new children's play area, the council has said. The blocks, on Westward Road, will be demolished within three years.

The number of children who are home schooled is on the up according to a national survey. Now, almost 8% of children nationwide do not attend school. This is usually because of bullying, and the government has plans for more incentives for parents who send their children to school. More later.

There has been a bank robbery in the city. City Savers was broken into on Saturday night via a back door, it is thought. Current estimates are that £300,000 in cash was stolen. Anyone who has further information is being asked to contact the police.

And now for the weather: tomorrow will begin rather foggy and with mist over the hills. By mid-morning, this should have largely cleared but visibility will still be limited so drivers are being asked to keep their headlights on. The rest of the day should be brighter, although quite damp. Sorry about that! Thank you for watching.