Mari Goes to Australia

Follow Mari as she moves to Australia from New York. This series focuses on moving to a new city and renting a flat.

Scene 21 : Any Vacancies?
Part 1 Any Vacancies?
Mari looks for a flat in Sydne.

Scene 22 : About TheFlat
Part 2 About TheFlat
Mari asks Shirley about the local transport.

Scene 23 : Money Details
Part 3 Money Details
Shirley gives the financial details of the flat.

Scene 24 : Get Connected
Part 4 Get Connected
Mari wants the internet connected.

Scene 24 : Get Connected
Part 5 Doggie Drama
Mari has a problem about her dog.
Scene 26 : Dinner
Part 6 Dinner Date
Mari asks about eating out.

Scene 27 : Leaving
Part 7 Leaving
Mari says goodbye to her landlady.

Erina Goes to Vancouver

Follow Erina as she begins life as an exchange student in Vancouver. She becomes friends with Mike who helps her get settled in his city.

Scene 31 The Meeting
Part 1 The Meeting
Erina begins life as a student in Vancouver.

Scene 32 Dropped Class
Part 2 Dropped Class
Erina is having some trouble on campus.

Scene 33 The Invite
Part 3 The Invite
Mike invites Erina to hang out with his friends.
Scene 34 Job Offer
Part 4 Job Offer
Mike talks to Erina about his job.

Scene 35 The Interview
Part 5 The Interview
Erina applies for a job at Pizza Palace.

Scene 36 Work Rules
Part 6 Work Rules
Erina shows up for her first day of work.

Scene 37 The Mistake
Part 7 Wrong Order
Erina corrects a big mistake.

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