STEP - Standardized Exam Practice

Learn English with lessons featuring audio, a script, and interactive quiz. These lessons are designed to help students practice for reading and listening tests on TEOFL and IELTS.
STeP 21 Vegan Chicken
STEP 21 Vegan Chicken
Hear about new trends in healthy fast food.

STeP 20 Shark Attacks
STEP 20 Shark Attacks
Are sharks really as scary as people think they are?
STeP 19 English-French
STEP 19 English - French
See how two cultures struggle with each others language.

STeP 18 Ao Dai
STEP 18 Ao Dai
Learn about the internationally famous Ao Dai.

STeP 17
STEP 17 Bad Boys
Learn about why girls love bad boys.

STeP 07 Post It Notes
STEP 16 The World Series
The naming of a popular American sporting event.

STeP Pete Best
STEP 15 Original Beatle
Learn about Pete Best.
STeP 14 Fitness Plan
STEP 14 Oval Office Fitness Plan
Learn about President Obama's fitness hopes.

Learn about the world's most famous music TV station.

STeP 12 Broken Heart
STEP 12 Broken Heart
Learn about a pain we all go through at sometime.

STeP 11 Electric Guitars
STEP 11 Electric Guitars
Read or listen to the text about electric guitars.

STeP 10 TV Depression
STEP 10 TV Depression
Read or listen to the text about how TV can affect moods.
STeP 09 Yao Ming
STEP 9 Yao Ming
Read or listen to the text about China's NBA superstar.

STeP 08 711
STEP 8 Super Small Super Store
Read or listen to the text about this store's international success.

STeP 07 Post It Notes
STEP 7 Post It Notes
Read about one of the most commonly used paper products in the world.

STeP 06 Subprime
STEP 6 Subprime Housing Crisis
Learn about the the housing market collapse in the U.S.

STeP 05 Arnold
STEP 5 True American Idol
Learn about the amazing succcess of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
STeP 04 Mobile Novels
STEP 4 Mobile Novels
Learn about the newest fad for phone users in Japan.

STeP 03 Salmon
STEP 3 Raising Salmon
Learn about new trends and troubles in getting fish to markets.

STeP 02 Amazon
STEP 2 The Life of the Amazon
Learn about the life in the Amazon Rainforest and River.

Super Bowl
STEP 1 The Super Bowl's Big Day
Learn a special big game in American history.

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