Intermediate 4 | Lesson 10 | First Conditional

Class President

Listen to six students say what they will do if they are class president.

If you elect me student body president, I will provide you with the best parties you have ever seen. The school has already focused on education. We've already been focused on sports, but I will provide with parties that no one has seen before. Parties in important for student life because if we don't have good parties, how can we enjoy our education and our studies. Elect me student president, and I promise to fulfill your needs students.

Dear fellow students, this is MJ. If you guys vote me as the respresentative of this university, I will definitely promise you more vacation. We have too much classes on one week, and we have a shorter vacation during the summer. For example, right now we have sixty days of vacation in the summer, but I will promise you to increase to eighty. Please vote me for the representative of this school. Thank you.

Dear students, if you elect me as student body president, I will make sure that we have a cheaper way to come to school, because right now, coming to school, transportation by bus is way to expensive and dealing with the economic problem's right now, I think we can definitetly do with a cheaper mode of transportation, so ... and also for services, it's not good at all, and I think that we should push for better services and a cheaper deal.

Well, I hear from a lot of people that there are not enough good teachers at this school, and workers at the office are not helpful at all, so if you choose me for student body president, I will meet with the president to relay the problems so that you can start to hire better staff, because I think education is the most important thing in this world. That's why you guys are at school, right? So vote me now?

Hello, ladies and gentlement, today I wanted to talk to you about the condidtions in your cafeteria. It is outrageous, that we have to pay twice as much for a place to salad, than for a place of fried chicken. Universities should promote health, and our university is not doing so. There is a lot of people who are visiting our campus and in the world today more people die of obesity than from cigarette or alcohol related diseases. If I get elected into president, I would vow to change the conditions in our cafeteria and make health food available for everyone at reasonable prices.

My fellow students, we have a problem. There are no books in our library. The library is a very interesting place, which I'm sure you'll all use very regularly when you want to go to sleep, when it's very cold and and you wanted a heated place, but this university is an academic institution, and every now and again, I like to be able find a book in there. I walk into the library, and I look left and there are empty shelves. I walk into the library and I look right and there are more empty shelves. I'd like to be president of this campus next year, and I will get some books for this library.

Subordinating Conjunctions of Condition

Subordinating conjunctions of condition show how one action depends on another action.
  1. I will call you if I am late.
  2. If you feel sick, you can stay home.
  3. As long as you exercise, you will stay in shape.
  4. I cannot buy a house year unless I win the lottery!
If shows a condition. One action depends on another action.
  1. If it rains, we will not play tennis.
  2. We will not play tennis if it rains.
  3. If you help me, I can pay you.
  4. I can pay you if you help me.
Unless shows a condition. One action depends on another action. Unless is similar to if .. not.
  1. Unless you study, you cannot pass the test.
  2. If you do not study, you cannot pass the test.
  3. Do not call me unless you are serious.
  4. Do not call me if you are not serious.
As long as means if but it often shows a negative consequence to an action.
  1. As long as we leave now, we can arrive in time.
  2. We can arrive in time as long as we leave now.
  3. We will play tennis as long as it does not rain.
  4. As long as it does not rain, we will play tennis.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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