Now on elllo, students and teachers can share their talents by posting their English videos or audio content. In our first episode, we have Ashley singing in English.

Students on Stage

1) Ashely - Singing Break Free

Ashely is a high school student in Japan. She sings in three languages: Japanese, English and Korean. You can watch her on her Youtube Channel here.

How to be on ELLLO Stage

ELLLO Stage was created to allow students and teachers from around the world a chance to showcase their talents in English. There is no set format.

Students can sing songs, create videos, make animations, create short films, give presentations, and even do their own elllo style content such as an interview, video response, or audio complilation.

Teachers can share tips on learning English, explaing grammar points, or showcase their resources to learn English.

To be on the site, submissions must meet the following criterion:

  1. The content must be in English.
  2. The content must be in video or audio format.
  3. The content must be publicly available, such as on Youtube.
  4. The content must be culturally appropriate for everyone.

This is a great opportunity for students and teachers to showcase their skills around the world.

To be on elllo, students and teachers must first fill out this form.


Note that all entries are not accepted, but all applicants will receive feedback of their application.

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