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Media Players All the audio files from 2004 are MP3 format, which means they can be played on various media players. In order to hear
the audio, your computer will need a media player. You can download one of the following for free. Just click on the link and download the
one you want. Most of the files in 2005 use a Flash Player. You do not need a Flash player if your have a new internet browser, such as
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you download the newer versions of either you will not need a flash player.
RealOne Media Player
(You can choose between a free media player or an upgraded one. The free one is fine for this site)
For this site, I recommend that you use the RealOne media player because the control panel is very small and allows the user to see
the screen as they listen. Also, the RealOne media player can be used on all the links sites. The RealOne media player also has many
useful features. It allows the listener to play, pause, and rewind and forward the audio with ease. The time counter is also very useful.
Windows Media Player
The windows player works well also with this site, but the icon is bigger unless you make it smaller and the time does not always show.
Also, some of the audio links require that you use the RealOne Media Player.
Apple Quicktime Media Player
This media player is not recommended for this site because even though it will play the MP3 files, when the audio is played other users
have mentioned that the entire screen goes blank, therefore we recommend the other media players for this site.