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1) What can I download?
You can download all the audio on the site except the songs on the music pages. For those downloads please go
the musicians homepage listed underneath the song activity to make sure the musician still allows the song to be
downloaded. All the conversations in the year 2004 activities and soon 2005 are MP3 and can be downloaded.

2) Are the downloads free?
Yes, they are 100% free. There is no fee or registration required. I allow students and teachers to download so they
can burn the audio onto CDs or transfer them to MP3 players or put then on their computer so they can use them for
their personal use. You can donate though to help keep ELLLO going so we can continue to offer more free audio in
the future. You can donate here.

3) How do I download?
It is very easy. With your mouse, move the cursor (arrow) over the audio link. Right click over the link and then hit "save link as". You can then save it to your computer.
4) What about the audio in new Flash activities?
You can not download the audio in Flash very easily. The audio in Flash is still free though. For now, just e-mail me and tell me what audio you want and I can mail it to you. Soon, I plan to have a download page for all the Flash audio clips.

If you have any questions or need help with the downloads you can contact me here!.