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Why did you make this site?
As a teacher, the topic of materials development and extensive listening and extensive reading interest me a great
deal. This site does not prescribe to any particular theory about learning, but rather a general feeling that the more
you listen to English for enjoyment or intrigue the better you will become.
Who pays for the site?
Currently all the costs are covered by me. In the future as the site grows, the need may arise to get financial support,
most likely through advertising, but so far all the costs are manageable.
Who is this site for?
The site is for students and teachers of English. In my opinion there is a huge need for authentic, graded listening for
learners, especially new learners of English. Also, this site is for teachers around the world who are looking for alternative listening
materials for their students.
Who are the people you interview?
I live in a guesthouse in Japan, work with many other English teachers from around the world, and study with
various nationalities at Temple University in Tokyo. Therefore, I come across many different types of people.
What are the plans for the site in the future?
Now, the goal is to have two audio clips for everyday of the year. The idea is to have enough audio so that students
can listen to a new clip daily. After one year we will see what happens but for now, the goal is the make a complete
calendar of interviews.
Can I download the audio?
Students and teachers are free to download or record audio for personal or classroom use. All
interviews are free to be used for educational purposes as long as no financial incentive is involved.
All material is copyrighted and may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit written