Lingual Net
Learn English by watching movies. Each movie comes with a built-in quiz.
Breaking News English
Ready-to-use ESL/EFL lessons with listenings. Uploaded daily.
English Trailers
Watch movie clips and practice English at the same time.
English Bites
Excellent video program from Australia with transcripts and vocabulary exercises.
Stone Soup
Children reading their stories online. Great fun!
BBC Learn English
A good place to learn British English .
Voice Of America Special English
A good place to hear simple news in English .
Brain Pop
A good video site to learn about many things in English.
A fun study site for students of English as a Second Language.
American English Pronunciation Practice
A fun page to practice pronunciation.
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
Audio news and programming from Britain.
NPR National Public Radio
Audio news and programming from the United States.
Radio Canada International
Audio news and programming from Canada.
ABC Radio Australia
Audio news and programming from Australia.
World English
Audio news from many nations around the world.
This American Life
Todd's favorite radio program from America.
BBC Video Nation
A very cool video program of people in the U. K.
The Daily Show
Video of a funny news show from America.
The History Channel / Speeches
Audio of famous speeches in history.