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  January 1st   January 9th   January 17th   January 24th

How to make
an omelet

Keri reveals her family
secret to making a
good omelet

The Big Red Buses
in England

Steven talks about the
double decker buses
in England.

Why do people
keep pets?

Matt talks about he feels about pets, especially dogs.

Mom and Dad
She talks about how her parents are quite different
  January 2nd   January 10th   January 18th   January 25th

All About Australia
Mike gives some interesting facts about his home country

Japanese Culture
Reiko talks about aspects
of Japanese culture
"I Love Sydney!"
Ann talks a little about her
time in Australia
Weight Loss for
the New Year!

Devon gives Todd some tips
about weight loss
  January 3rd   January 11th   January 19th   January 26th
 Going Home
for Summer

Gabriele is going home.
Listen to her plans

Growing up
in Africa!

Leath talks about his
his home and the
wildlife in Africa
Two is Company!
Keri talks about her
living situation

I wanted to cry!
Charlotte talks about her
first teaching experience
with five year old children

  January 4th   January 12th   January 20th   January 27th

Summer Time!
Jeanna talks about summer!

Big Apple Baby!
Kevin talks about his
early years in NY

JJ talks about the people
she lives with

Conrad talks about hoops
or basketball
  January 5th   January 13th   January 21st   January 28th
"It's a fantastic

Jamie talks about his
favorite movie
Have you ever
been in Love?

Hear a love story! ( or not!)

Train Trip
Across Russia

Devon tells of his long
journey to China

He is out of here!
Victor is going home .
  January 6th   January 14th   January 22nd   January 29th
Happy Times!
Steven talks about home.
Bad day !
Jessica has her story
about her school!

"Do you sing
in the shower?"

Matt talks about music tastes,
costs, and his musical ability

"Got a name?"
David talks about his
nickname and how he got it.
  January 7th   January 15th   January 23rd   January 30th
Mr. Baseball
Kevin talks about his
family's interest in
baseball and his
love of sports
Teacher of
the Airwaves!

Anelli talks about
her first job
Montreal and Me!
Ann talks a little about her
city and it's language
Her Time in Poland
Charlotte talks about
living in Poland
  January 8th   January 16th       January 31st
Snake in the House!
Leath talks about Africa

Diving Scare!
Nicola talks about how
diving can be scary


Mr. Black belt
Victor talks about coming
to Japan.