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  What is Task Town? Task Town is for students who want to participate with the audio.
As you listen you need to make choices or interact with the audio. Have Fun!
Around Town
Listen as a man talks about his schedule for the day. Listen to the audio
and click on the place being talked about. You will hear about 6 places.
File Size: 600KB

Class Bingo
In this game you are a foreign exchange student at an American high school.
You will hear about your new teachers. You need to click on the teacher you
hear being discussed. Transcripts included. Good luck!
File Size: 500KB

Superhero Bingo
Listen to nine problems. Each problem needs the help of a superhero.
You need to chose the one superhero who is right for the job!
File Size: 400KB

Breakfast Order
You will hear a man order breakfast in a cafe. What does he order?
Does it sound good? What is his special request to the waitress?
File Size: 400KB

Picture Perfect
You will hear audio about a picture. You need to listen and draw what you hear.
At the end, you can see if your picture looks the same and the one online!
You should have paper and a pencil or pen.
File Size: 700KB

Friends and Neighbors
Listen to Jason talk about where he lives. As you listen you need to drag (move) the
people in the picture to their apartment. This activity has the transcript.
File Size: 500KB

Take a message!
You will hear three phone messages left by family members. You need to write down the
message so you can help them later. You should have paper and a pencil or pen.
File Size:1.2MB
What's on TV
Listen to what one family likes to watch on TV. You need to drag the TV programs
to the people that watch them.
File Size: 800KB
Vacation Plans
Listen to where one family like to go for vacation.. You need to drag the vacation spots
to the people that want to go there.
File Size: 800KB
Movie Time
Listen to four movie advertisements in part one. Think about what movie you would like to
see. Then listen to three people in part two and choose a movie for them.
File Size: 1.5MB
Favorite Foods
Listen to where one family like to eat for dinner.. You need to drag the food
to the people that eat that food.
File Size: 800KB
Jobs People Do
Listen to what various people do for a job.. You need to drag the jobs to the people
that have those jobs.
File Size: 800KB
Animal Bingo
You will hear about 8 animals. You will listen to descriptions about animals.
You need to click on the animal you hear being talked about. There will be
one animal left at the end.
File Size: 1.4MB

Treasure Island
Listen and try to find the treasure. You must go around the island and listen to
the ghost pirate. He will talk to you and help you, but only a little. He does not
want you to find his treasure.
File Size: 2.8MB