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Trash Tips
Debate: Uniforms
Futsal vs. Football

Song: The Door

Monday, February 14th
Marion tells Todd how to
take care of the trash.
Tuesday, February 15th
Todd and Marion debate
whether students should wear
Wednesday, February 16th
Simon talks with Nathan
about Futsal and how it
compares to football.
Thursday, February 17th
Listen to this cool song
about people in a relationship
by Clint Chandler.
Movie Review
Healthy Living

Road Trip

Friday, February 18th
Howard was just home in
Florida for vacation. He talks
about how he spent his
Saturday, February 19th
Howard talks about the movie
the Aviator with Leonardo
DiCaprio and gives his review.
Sunday, February 20th
Mike talks with Adrienne
about how he stays healthy.
Flashback to 2004
Howard talks about
going on the road
for some adventure.

Note: The Flash is a little different again this week. There will be more of a mix soon.