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Monday, February 21st
Marion talks with Todd
about sports on TV.

Tuesday, February 22nd
Katrina gives her thoughts
about Valentine's Day.
Wednesday, February 23rd
Katrina talks about her new
job as a flight attendant.
Thursday, February 24th
Katrina talks about the kind
of hotels she stays in for her
job as a flight attendant.

Friday, February 25th
Mike talks about the history
of the necktie and what country
it came from.
Saturday, February 26th
Mike talks about his daily
routine and how he spends
his time.
Sunday, February 27th
Listen to a great song by
Ben Eyler about a boy who
is very lazy.
Flashback to 2004
Alex talks about his daily
routine in college. .

Note: The MP3 format is back. To download the MP3 for each activity, go to the TEXT-MP3 link at the top
of the page for each activity. Then, put the mouse arrow over the link and right click. Select "save link as."