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Moving Around
Dream Job
A love for food

Listening Game

Monday Jan 3rd
Eli talks about growing up
overseas and her thoughts
about her childhood.

Tuesday Jan 4th
Eli talks about what she
wants to do in the future
and where she would like
to work.


Wednesday Jan 5th
Eli talks about the food
she loves in both Japan
and England.
January 6th
Listen to audio about the
Super Relaxing Resort. You
need to listen and click
on the matching photo.

Osaka and Tokyo
What is Pachinko?

Blue Moon


Friday Jan 7th
Kawabe talks about two
of Japan's great cities:
Tokyo and Osaka.


Saturday Jan 8th
Kawabe talks about the
popularity if Pachinko in
Sunday Jan 9th
Listen and read or sing
along as Leonie sings this
Jazz music classic.
(Flash required)
Flashback to Jan 2004
Matt tells Todd about
the dogs in his family
and his feelings about