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Memories of Italy
Messy Room


Monday Jan 10th
Do you like crosswords?
Marion shares her views
about crossword puzzles.

Tuesday Jan 11th
Marion talks about her
trip to Venice in Italy and about riding a gondola.


Wednesday Jan 12th
Marion talks about her
messy room and what
she should do about it.
January 13th
Marion talks about her
glasses and how she
started to wear them.
Listening Game
Married life
Let's Do It!

Wedding Day

Friday Jan 14th
Listen to some information
about new jobs at a job
center. What job would
you want? (Flash required)

Saturday Jan 15th
Dave and Chris give us
their views on what it is
like to be married.

Saturday Jan 16th
Listen and sing along as Ray Sanders sings about
choosing to get married.
(Flash required)
Flashback to 2004
Hear two versions of
John and Anna's wedding.
First hear her story and
then hear his story.