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Gift of love
Raising Children

Her train trip

Monday Jan 17th
Vivian talks about getting
older and about life as
a young person and an
elderly person

Tuesday Jan 18th
Vivian knows how to knit.
She talks to Adrienne, her
granddaughter about
what she is making.

Wednesday Jan 19th
Vivian shares her thoughts
on being a parent and
a grandparent.
Thursday January 20th
Vivian talks about riding
the train, and compares
how it has changed.
Debate: Bed vs. Futon
Song: "I got a rooster"
Listening Game

His train trip

Friday Jan 21st
Do you sleep on a bed or
or a futon? Marion and
Todd debate which is
better. What do you

Saturday Jan 22nd
Listen to this funny song
about a lazy rooster that
falls is love with a hen.

(Flash required)

Sunday Jan 23rd
Listen as Todd decribes
some fruit. Click on the
fruit you hear. You can
read the transcript at the
end (Flash required)
Flashback to 2004
Listen as Devon talks about his trip across
Russia on the train.