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How food affects us
A parcel in the mail
Listening Game

Song: I hurt today

Monday Jan 24th 
Marion talks about food
and what she recently

Tuesday Jan 25th
Marion talks about a
parcel she just received.
What was inside?

Wednesday Jan 26th
Plan a trip across the
United States. Listen to
four choices and make the
best one for you. (flash)

Thursday January 27th
Listen to this song about
love by Allison Affleck.
Have you ever felt
this way before?
Her story
Her University
Dorm Life

College Routine

Friday Jan 28th
Miki talks about her
background, family,
and what she does.

Saturday Jan 29th
Miki goes to a famous
University in the U.S.
She talks a little about
why it is famous.

Sunday Jan 30th
Miki talks a little about
what life was like when
she was a college student
in the dorms.
Flashback to 2004
Listen as Alex talks about
his daily college routine.
Is his college life the
same or different than
Miki's college life?