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Monday, January 31st
Marion talks about her
home country.
Tuesday, February 1st
Marion explains a little
about knitting.

Wednesday, February 2nd
Marion talks about one of
her favorite places, the land
down under.

Thursday, February 3rd
Marion talks about animals
in Australia.
Face Game

More Aussie Animals

Friday, February 4th
Marion talks about Yoga.
Saturday, February 5th
Todd talks about his love
for eating breakfast.
Sunday, February 6th
Todd is going to paint a
picture of a face. Listen and
try to draw the same face.
Flashback to 2004
Aaron talks about the
wildlife from his country.

Note: This week is mainly for beginners so the listenings are much easier. Soon I hope to have two issues a week.
One for beginner's and one for intermediate students. Also, from this week forward most of the activities will be on
Flash, so the format will now be different. More bonus activities will be added soon.