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How long was Ann in Australia?
a) One week
b) One month
c) One year
Why was she there?
a) To work
b) To vacation
c) To study
Where is theWorld Heritage site?
a) Frasier Island
b) Sydney
c) Melbourne
What did she touch?
a) A dolphin
b) A clam
c) A shark
What city has a lot of museums and parks?
a) Perth
b) Sydney
c) Melbourne

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Todd: OK, Ann, you spent quite a bit of time in Australia recently so why don't you talk about that?

Ann: I really liked living in Australia. I was an international student and I studied education at the university of Sydney. And living in Sydney was fantasticbecuase I could go to the beach anytime I wanted and there was a great nightlife in Sydney. There are lots of great clubs. And people were very, very friendly and easy-going and I met a lot of international people in living Sydney.

Todd: Mm-hm. How long were you there?

Ann: I was there for almost a year.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Ann: And I travelled a little bit in Australia. I went up the east coast. Up to Frasier Island. Which is a world heritage site. And I saw dingos running along the beach and sharks in the water. We climbed cliffs and went through a rain forest and went camping and then we went up to the -------, which is a but north. And the further north you go in Australia, the hotter it gets. So we were able to go swimming in the ocean and I went diving for the first time but it was a little bit risky cause I didn't have a diving license, so I went on an introductory dive and I saw a giant clam that had a really purple spongy inside that I was able to touch and then the clam closed up really quickly.

Todd: So, did you, did you lose your finger?

Ann: Almost.

Todd: Almost. Ah, you're lucky. Um, it's funny, you go in the water and you worry about sharks,
but not clams.

Ann: Exactly.

Todd: Will you be going back to Australia soon?

Ann: I'd like to go and live there for at least another year. Probably I'll go back to Sydney or maybe I'll go down to Melbourne because it's a really interesting cultural city. They have lot of museums and parks.

Todd: OK. You gotta choose real quick, only one city, Montreal or Sydney, which do you choose?

Ann: Sydney, without a doubt.

Todd: OK. Alright. Thanks a lot.

Ann: You're welcome.

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