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Where did the Mexico trip begin?

a) Oregon
b) California
c) Wyoming
How long did the Mexico trip take both ways?
a) 13 hours
b) 30 hours
c) 3 hours
What did he do in California?
a) See family
b) Study in college
c) Go surfing
Where did he always stop?
a) Big cities
b) The mountains
c) Large bodies of water
What's the difference between a road trip in Japan
and a road trip in America?

a) Nothing
b) Highways
c) Costs

You gonna ask me questions or no?
Ah, yeah, actually...I'm just gonna ask you random stuff
OK. So, Tim, you want to talk about road trips!
Yeah, I wanna talk about road trips. Ah, me and my friends, when we were in high school we took
a lot of road trips to lots of different places.

Ah, we would go down to California, ah, sometimes Mexico. Ah, one time when I was living in
Wyoming, in one weekend we drove from Wyoming, through Colorado, ah, New Mexico, and Mexico
and back in the same weekend.

Wow! Well, actually for people who are not familiar with the United States how far is that?
Ah, it's a long way. I don't know. It took, I don't know, it took probably about 15 hours one way.
So, thirty hours all together. But it was fun. We drove down to Mexico,
had a good night a good meal, a little bit of drinks
and drove back the next day.

So you went to Tijuana?
No, we went to, ah, Ciudad Warez.
OK. Nice.
That was really fun and a lot of other trips we took, ah, when I lived in Oregon, when we'd
go down to California, and we'd surf.

Oh, really!
Oh, you're a surfer?
A little bit, a little bit of surfer.
OK, what, what kind of car do you drive? What do you use for this road trip?
Well, typical American, uh a four-wheel drive vehicle, big vehicle...lots of gas but a lot of fun.
Oh man, you're from Oregon, you're supposed to be a tree hugger!
I know. I know. But there're good. One rule we had on our road trips was any, any lake or big
body of water we had to stop and swim in. It was a good thing to do.

Well, you live in Japan now. Do you ever do road trips in Japan?
I took a road trip from Niigata up around Hokkaido and back, so it was a long road trip actually.
OK. Wow! What's the difference between a road trip in Japan and a road trip in America?
Ah, well, a road trip in Japan..it's a little bit more dificult to get around, it's a little bit
more expensive, ah, in America road triping is sort of, something a lot of people do.

And in Japan, when we do that it is a little bit strange, a little bit different, not not very

Yeah, that's true. OK. Great, thanks a lot Tim.

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