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When does the weather get nicer?
Hey, guys. What's up? This is your teacher, Todd, talking to you for, and today, I am at the beach. I am relaxing. It's Sunday, and I like to come to the beach on Sunday, because it's quieter, and it's more peaceful. Sometimes, it's really lively here, and on Sunday, usually the beach is more peaceful, more relaxing. And now, it is getting dark. It's actually getting darker, this time of year, because it's Fall. 

So, the weather's getting cooler, and the temperature is dropping, but I kind of like that, actually. It's just a really nice time of year, you know? I like the Fall, because it's just prettier. I think the weather is nicer. The scenery is more beautiful, and it's cooler. It's not so hot, so I really, really like the Fall. So, I'm having a good day today, enjoying myself at the beach.

What about you? What's the weather like where you live? Is the weather getting warmer? Is it nicer than before? Are you happier than before? I hope so. I'm happier right now, because the weather is cooler, and it's not so hot. 


One Syllable / -er

small – smaller
cold – colder
young – younger

One Syllable ends in /e/ -r

safe – safer
nice – nicer
close – closer

Consonant + vowel + Consonant -(x)er

hot – hotter
big – bigger
fat – fatter

Two Syllable ends in /y/ -ier

happy – happier
angry – angrier
hungry – hungrier

Two or More Syllables >> more -

dangerous – more dangerous
expensive – more expensive
difficult – more difficult


good – better
bad – worse

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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