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Hi, Jan, how are you this morning?
I'm really good, thank you.
So please tell me where are we now?
We're in Aukland, New Zealand and it's
St. Patrick's day today.
Oh, wow! What day is today?
March the 17th is St. Patrick's day in New Zealand.
Oh, cool, that all over the world isn't it?
That's right but everybody else is behind us
by a few hours.
Oh, I see.
So we're the first people to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
Right because of the time then, right, exactly.
Please tell me more about St. Patrick's.
What kind of a party is this? What day?

In New Zealand, any excuse for a party and
we'll have one and St. Patrick's Day is
traditionally a day where people with Irish
heritage dress in green because that's the
national color of Ireland, and drink lots and
lots of alcohol.
Yeah, this sounds so cool. So where are we now?
What are we doing?

We'll were sitting here and we're all dressed
in green and some of us have green wigs on,
and some of them are sparkly, and some of
them are curly and we have funny hats on and
green finger nails, which we will run home and
clean very soon and sometimes we put food
coloring in the food and make it green.

Why all this obsession with green?
I think because it's a very Irish thing. New
Zealand is a very young country and we have
a lot of people with Irish heritage here so they
want to connect with their ancestors and it's
one way to do that.
And green would be like the national
color of Ireland?

Yeah, and New Zealand is black and white
which is very boring.
Oh, OK. So, here we're together. They're six of us.
We're having breakfast and please tell me a bit
about our breakfast.

Well, this morning we had a traditional Kiwi breakfast
which was hashbrowns, bacon, sausages, scrambled
eggs, grilled tomatoes, and baked beans, so that will
probably mean we don't eat now for the rest of the day.
And for drink?
Oh, and we've had a large glass of Guiness, which is
a traditional Irish beer. It's a very bitter, malty beer.
Very creamy.
OK, Jan, thank you very much.