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Todd: So Kate, if somebody had a month to spend in New Zealand where do you recommend they go and what do you recommend they do?

Kate: Well most often you will fly into Auckland airport so you can start off in Auckland whch is a nice big city, however the most important thing about New Zealand is the smaller countryside parts of New Zealand, so you should go up to the north… past… further north than Auckland. Go to the beautiful beaches and you can go all the way up to a place called ‘Cape Reinga’ which is the very top of New Zealand. From there you can see the Pacific ocean.

Todd: Sounds nice.

Kate: Yeah, it’s very beautiful.

Todd: How long do you recommend someone stays there?

Kate: Just stay there maybe only a couple of days, maybe a week maximum at the top of New Zealand. Just get to see some beaches and the top of the north island, Cape Reinga.’ And then travel down the island by car or just hire a car or a camper van. You can just sleep in the camper van or on the camping ground and one, it’s cheap and it’s a lot more fun with your friends.

Todd: Sounds like a good time. So when you go camping, when you move down the islands, the north island or the south island, what do you recommend that they see or do?

Kate: Well definitely go to the national park. It’s called Tongarigo national park. It’s where Lord of the Rings was filmed.

Todd: Oh woah!

Kate: And I’m sure if you’ve seen that movie you can.. you know the beautiful scenery that was there. Really amazing.

Todd: Good deal. So besides Auckland are there any other cities that people should see?

Kate: Then you can go down to Wellington, the capital city and you can just see the museum and the harbour. Just the museums. That’s the main thing.

Todd: Ok well, sounds like a nice country to visit. I would definitely go!