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Todd: Hello can you say your name please?

Kate: My name is Kate.

Todd: Ok Kate where are you from?

Kate: I’m from New Zealand.

Todd: Oh are you from Auckland?

Kate: No I’m from Wellington, the capital city.

Todd: Oh Wellington is the capital? Is it in the north island or the south island?

Kate: It’s in the bottom of the north island.

Todd: What’s Wellington like?

Kate: Wellington is a very beautiful city. It’s got… the centre is obviously the townshop with a few tall buildings. Then we have the harbour which is very beautiful especially at night time with city lights reflecting on the harbour. And then on the outside we have all the suburbs where everybody lives.

Todd: How is Wellington different from Auckland or Christchurch?

Kate: First of all Auckland. Auckland is much bigger: it’s the biggest city in New Zealand. And the city itself in the very centre, downtown centre, the buldings are much taller and much more hectic. Traffic is hectic every day, going to work. Wellington is much more calmer. However in Christchurch it is flat, completely flat. Wellington is very hilly, many hills.

Todd: Is it a cheap place to live? Or is it expensive?

Kate: Reasonably cheap. Compared with Auckland it is much cheaper.

Todd: How much do things cost? In New Zealand how much is a bus ride?

Kate: Bus ride from home to town would be 1 dollar 50, New Zealand dollars.

Todd: Ok and how much is a loaf of bread?

Kate: Loaf of bread, 2 to 3 dollars.

Todd: What’s the best thing about your city?

Kate: Best thing about my city is strangely enough the wind.

Todd: The wind?

Kate: It’s known for its wind.

Todd: How’s that a good thing?

Kate: How’s that a good thing? The cool breeze especially in summertime when it gets quite hot, a
cool gentle breeze although it can get quite strong.

Todd: And what’s the worst thing about your city?

Kate: Worst thing about my city would be the trains: they’re so inconvenient and they don’t cost so much but they’re just inconvenient and the buses aren’t so good either.

Todd: Well it’s kind of the same in my country!