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OK, so for those of us listening who are not
familiar with dating in the US, practices are
different, Mark, how would you go about
getting a date with somebody in the US?

Ah, well, I, that's a difficult question because you
know I don't always succeed with that, but I guess
usually you like a girl. You begin talking to her and
find some things in common with her and, I don't
know, if you feel like she likes you and you like
her then you ask her out.
OK, what would you say? "Do you feel like going
out this evening?" or "What are your plans?" or
"Are you busy?"

Well,those, all of those ways are so typical. Their
so usual, so I don't use those, I don't say those
things because I feel like it's just too common,
so I think women, or girls, usually respond better
if you're very direct, so I say something more like, um
"So which is better for you, Friday night or Saturday
OK, and they resond with a slaped face, or no?
Then, what do they say to you?

Ah, you'd be surprised. Usually, it's, um, some good
responses. I mean if the person doesn't like you then
maybe they give you an excuse, "Oh, I'm busy Friday
and I'm busy Saturday." Well, that's OK. Then you
know, that that person doesn't like you (right) but, um,
but usually that direct question, it, the girl or the
woman is often surprised that you're so direct so she
laughs and she tells you an answer, "I'm free Friday."
So you get a good response many times with direct
questioning like that.
OK, and what would you do then on your, on a
date? Would you say, "Great, let's go bowling!" or?

Um, I would set a time and again, I think it's not so
important, what you do, as it is important to, to just
make a decision and to do it, so some girls might
not like bowling but if you pick her up on a date
and you say, "Hey, we're going bowling tonight."
If she really doesn't like bowling, she will tell you
but usually if she doesn't mind bowling then she's
happy that you made the choice. That's better than
asking her, "So, what do you want to do tonight?"
I guess especially if you're the one spending the
money for it then.

That's a good point. Yes. Absolutely.
It'll work out well for both.
Well, thanks a lot, Mark.That's great.

You're welcome.