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Hey, Mike, what age do you have to be in Canada
to drive?

Well, it used to be 16 but it recently got pushed
up to 18, now again each province controls its
driving and the age limits so, but in my province
in Ontario the age limit went from 16 to 18.
OK, and how did you feel about that? Do you
think that's a good thing that you have to be 18
instead of 16.
Yeah, I tend, I think, I think it should be 18 or even
20 before, before you're allowed to drive.

What do you think about someone who is
17, and so they've been driving for one year and
then the law changes and becomes 18 as the
minimum age, do you think that person who
has been driving should lose their license for
one more year?

Well, no, and I think generally, what,well, that
happened in Ontario, of course that situation
would have arisen, ah, what happens then is
generally laws are made so that the people
who have been driving are then put into a system
where they can still drive but they're under a
probation system until 18, which is still the
case, but
Ah, I see. So why do you think you should
wait until you are 18 or 20 to be able to drive?


You don't think at 16 you're mature enough?
No. No. Because I think at 18 you're more adult,
you're more responsible, just like you're not
tried in the legal system as an adult until
you are 18 years old. Um, I think that it should
be the same for driving, because I don't think
you're fully mature.
Yeah, I don't know if I agree because I feel like,
I drove when I was 16.

So did I.
Yeah, and I felt mature enough. In fact, I know
my father, when he was young, he actually
began driving at about 12. When he was about
12 years old, he lived in the countryside and
it was OK for him to drive at 12.

Well, and I can understand that because way
back when there was a lot less traffic and there
was a lot less, there was a lot less people on
the road. I think that today, because of that,
because traffic was a lot a worse, its a better
idea to have, you know, to make sure the
drivers is prepared and mature and understands
that, what to do in case something goes wrong.
OK, fair enough, but how do you know that, that
someone at 18, who has never driven is any
more prepared than someone who's 16.

Well, you don't but generally if somebody's
older and more mature then they're gonna
be a little bit wiser. I mean, I think, you know.
They're just gonna make better decisions.
I think so. That's just my opinion, but.
OK. Sounds good.