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Hey, Mike. Here's a question. Do you think
teenagers these days, have a better life than,
say we did, when we were teenagers?

Well, it's, that's a debate that's been going
on since the days of Socrates and Plato,
I think, but again, and probably like Socrates,
has said himself, "You know kids today, are
a lot different than they were when we were
younger", that's for sure. Whether it's better
or not, ah, I personally think, we had it better
because we weren't stuck behind a computer
or behind a TV set all day, I think we tended to
do things more outside, but I think whether you're
a teenager now or then, probably the same kind of
issues went on in your head.
Yeah, that's the way I feel about it, actually.
Think so.
Well, these kind of, these kind of debates or these
kid of issues, I feel like there is no better or worse,
it's just different,
(Yeah) you know.
How do you think it's different?
Well, in obvious ways, like the technology now.
(Sure) Like I can remember the first, my first
(Right) and my families first VCR,
(Sure) and those were, you know, pretty
exciting moments, yeah, absolutely.

How's about going to the library to have to get
Yeah! That's interesting, but, uh, people don't
do that much anymore and I don't even realize
that, but, yeah, um, so the technology is definitely
better now
(Sure. For sure.) but it's more addictive,
I mean kids, start, like you said, they don't play
(Yeah) they just play video games all day
(Yeah) and you know, I wasn't allowed to stay
inside so much when I was a kid.

Same here. Same here. I was sort of forced to
go outside, but also, although, I guess you could
make an argument and say the kids do kind of
play with each other when they get on those,
the internet gaming sites, and there's a whole
group of them from Morocco to Mexico to
Canada to the States, all playing online, of
course, they never see each other but they're
all trying (more international) to kill each other.