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Suggested Study Plan
1) Play the game. Listen for gist.
2) Read the transcript.
3) Listen to the audio notes.
4) Complete the side quizzes.
5) Answer Questions for You.
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Vocabulary Focus
Fill the gaps with the words listed below.
  1. Kimchi is popular in Korea.
  2. , let me give you the ingredients for the recipe.
  3. I like spaghetti with beef, not meatballs.
  4. Most fruits are in shape.
  5. be sure to add some salt before serving.

Comprehension Quiz
Answer the questions below. Multiple answers are possible.
Game #59: Thai Food
Prae talks about six food from her home country of Thailand.

Hi, my name is Prae and I am from Thailand. Thailand is very well known for the Thai food, and here are some of my favorite dishes.

First of all, I would like to introduce som tam. It is a spicy Thai style salad. It is very colorful. We got green from papaya. Red from tomato. There are also several types of som tam. Instead of papaya, the ingredients can be other types of fruit, for example pomelo, mango, or even apples. But the most well-known one is papaya.

The second dish is khao ka moo. It is basically rice served with steamed pork, with sweet brown sauce over it, usually served with boiled eggs and cucumber.

The third one is thong yod. It is a thai style sweet. Literally, thong means gold, and yod means drop, so the shape of the sweet is circular with the gold dish color. The taste of it is extremely sweet. That is why it used to be my favorite when I was young.

The fourth dish is khao mun gai. Khao mun gai is rice topped with boiled chicken cut into small pieces. It doesn't have much taste itself so that is why it is served with chili paste on the side, which makes it much more tastier.

Next one, khai toon. This is my mom's favorite dish to cook because it is fast and easy, also very delicious. Khai toon is basically steamed egg. You can choose the ingredient you want to put in, such as minced pork or seafood, and add the taste with some peppers or fish sauce.

Last but not least, we have dessert called kluay buat chee. It is one of the most common desserts served in Thai restaurants. It is made of banana and coconut milk. It tastes mild and sweet.

That was some of my favorite dishes. Have you ever eaten Thai food? If yes, what is your favorite dish?


Q & A : Questions for you!
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