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Vocabulary Quiz
  1. I usually take the on my way to work.
  2. So what is with the project?
  3. We need to all these extra shoes.
  4. People are often cheery before the holidays and after them.
  5. Her smile always my day.

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G67 Rainy Day!
Nydja talks about what she like to do on a rainy day.
Hi, this is Nydja and I'm from the United States. I'd like to tell you about six things that I enjoy doing on a rainy day.

One of the things I enjoy doing on a rainy day is reading. I like to read books on a rainy day because when it's gloomy outside, a good book can brighten my mood. One of my favorite books to read on a rainy day would be Jane Eyre.

One of the other things, I enjoy doing on a rainy day is going over to my friend's house or having them come over to my house, and we just go outside and sit on the porch. We talk about what's been going on in our lives and maybe have some hot tea or cocoa to warm us up.

Some of the other things that we do on a rainy day is we go out to the movies and sometimes we spend the entire day out there. We'll find two or three movies we really want to see, maybe long movies and just spend the who day at the theater.

Sometimes, when it's raining you don't want to go outside, so I tend to stay in and redecorate my house. Move all the furniture around. Rehang pictures that I haven't had up in awhile. Just change what's going on inside since I can't change the rain.

Sometimes because it's not too bad on the roads, I like to go for long drives on backroads that aren't too busy and just see the rain outside and to take in all the scenery.

The last thing that I enjoy doing on a rainy day would have to be baking a warm meal, maybe a cake or a roast. Something that would really warm up the house get rid of all the cold.