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  1. The hike to the top of the is really beautiful.
  2. The meat was tasty but difficult to .
  3. The medicine caused some the patient.
  4. The language of the country is Chinese.
  5. The man was after the car ride .

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G064 Djibouti
Emily from Djibouti, a small country in East Africa, shares six things you should do when visiting her country.
In Djibouti, the first thing you should do when you come to is to visit the north. There's a lake, a famous lake. It's a salt lake, and thanks to that lake we can produce some salts and and export them, and it's really a good place to see to visit. There are mountains and volcano also.

The second thing you should do is go diving in the Red Sea. There's an island called The Island of the Devil. It's a really famous island in our country. And this is one of the most famous place tourists go and visit.

The third thing is really funny. It's a drug. It's some plants. They call it Khat. And young people can try it. It hasn't a bad effects. It's just makes you a little bit dizzy, but really happy and actually everybody uses this drug. Even the President of our country because whenever there's some decisions to be made, you have to bring that drug to the President and to the members and sit and talk and chew it. So it's not a drug but it's a good plant - a really famous plant in Ethiopia, Djibouti and ...

Another thing to do is to go the center because there are a lot of markets, big shopping places and fish markets also - really interesting - and hotels of course.

Food! We have a different kind of foods: Arabic food, Indian foods, Ethiopian foods, so we don't have like an official Djibutian food, so there's everywhere around the city, you can go to different kinds of restaurants and eat some of those foods, so it's really a mix of all this cultures foods.