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  1. Thanks for coming. Please and write from time to time.
  2. Can I get your info?
  3. If you are going to late, then you should take a jacket.
  4. I like to by playing cards.
  5. I need to hurry if I am going to my flight.

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G72 What to Pack!
Jonathan talks about essential things to pack when traveling.
Hi, this is Jonathan from Canada, and I'm going to talk about six things that you should always have with you when you travel. Of course, you need to have your passport and any visas that are required for your travels. The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere with no identification.

You'll need an alarm clock to make sure you wake up on time, to go and catch your flight or catch the bus. Sometimes you might be out late and you need to be sure you can wake up.

You'll need a bank card or credit card or something to access your money. You don't always want to carry around a lot of cash, so a bank card can be good.

You'll need at least one change of clothes. You certainly don't want to be walking around smelling bad and feeling uncomfortable. You can usually wash one pair of clothes, while you wear the other one.

You'll need for example a book pass the time while you're on a long bus ride or a long train ride or killing time somewhere. Or you could you use something like an MP3 player to listen to music.

And of course, you always need a pen. From the moment you arrive in a country, you'll need to fill out the immigration forms using your pen. You'll use it many times to write down the information when you need like directions, plus you can use your pen to write down the contact information of new friends you make so that you can stay in touch with them into the future.