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Quiz 1: Vocabulary Focus
  1. My friends are crazy.
  2. I that the movie is worth watching.
  3. I think a good book by the reviews it receives.
  4. The object of rugby is the same as American football.
  5. If you go to Hawaii you must surfing.

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Quiz 3: Questions for You!
Questions for you! (Q4U)
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G74 Best of Singapore
JIngwei, from Singapore, talks about the the dishes from her island.

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you should definitely (verb) if you have the opportunity.

You should definitely try if you have the opportunity.

We use “you should definitely” to make a strong suggestion to do something. Opportunity = chance. Here are two more examples using this phrase:

  1. You should definitely study abroad if you have the opportunity.
  2. While in Indonesia, you should definitely visit Bali if you have the opportunity.

you can tell

you can tell a good chicken rice stall

“You can tell” means you can guess some information about someone or something from other information. In this mixer, you can guess which chicken stall is better by how they make their rice. Notice the following:

  1. You can tell a good restaurant from a bad one by how many people are eating there.
  2. You can tell an expensive MP3 player from a cheap one by the sound.

I assure you

I assure you it tastes really good.

We use “I assure you” when we want people to trust our opinion. See the examples below:

  1. You should definitely try the curry chicken. I assure you it’s delicious.
  2. If you visit the Eiffel Tower, you should take the lift to the top. I can assure you the view is amazing!

sort of

He sort of spins dough around and flips it.

“Sort of” is a phrase we use when we want to talk about someone or something but maybe we don’t know the correct vocabulary. Here are two example sentences with “sort of”:

  1. She’s tall and pretty with sort of brown, yellow hair.
  2. Thailand has these cheap taxis called tuk-tuks. They are sort of like, umm…, a three wheeled motorcycle car.


It's basically coconut rice with chicken wings.

We use “basically” to talk about something in an easy way. Nasi Lama has other spices for example, but here, Jingwei talks about the two main ingredients. Notice the examples:

  1. Spaghetti is basically noodles and tomato sauce.
  2. The new Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz movie is basically an action comedy about two people running from the law.