Audio Notes Game #71 Kids Play

tumbling down

…slides that send you tumbling down…

“Tumble” means to fall down in a way that you roll over and over. Sometimes children roll and tumble down a gentle slope but at other times it can be dangerous and cause an injury. See the two examples below:

  1. In spring it is fun to tumble down a slope where all the daisies are flowering.
  2. Michelle accidentally tumbled down the stairs and broke her leg.

look back on it now

It’s funny to look back on it now …

“Look back on it now” means to view or remember something from the past with a current perspective. To recall an event from the past with today’s viewpoint. Note the two examples:

  1. When I had my first kiss, I was so nervous I coughed in the boy’s mouth. It’s funny to look back on it now but at the time it was embarrassing.
  2. Looking back on it now, my childhood of travelling around in a caravan and going to a different school each month seems odd, but at the time it felt normal.

he beat me out

…he beat me out every time.

To “beat someone out” means to win. Two examples are listed below:

  1. He beat me out at tennis by 6 games to 4.
  2. I have a terrible poker face so I get beaten out at cards every week.

a sequence

… a sequence of different little moves,…

A “sequence” is a series of things; when things happen one after another in a row. Note the examples below:

  1. It was a strange sequence of events: first he fell in love, then he stopped the relationship, then he sent her a birthday present!
  2. Please make sure you put the colour blocks in the correct sequence, otherwise the picture will not be accurate.

not a great (noun) but …

I’m not a great speller but I always enjoyed playing scrabble.

We use the phrase “not a great …… but” to say that although we are not good at doing or being something, we still like to do it. Here are two examples:

  1. I am not a great dancer but I love to go out Saturday night and dance to live music.
  2. I am not a fast runner but I jog everyday just to stay healthy.

the more (noun) the better

… the more kids the better.

The expression “the more ….. the better” is again a phrase of comparison. It means there is no limit to the goodness of something; the greater the number the more enjoyable the outcome. Note the examples below:

  1. When having a barbecue, the more people to cook the better.
  2. If you are learning an instrument, the more practice you do the better you will become.