Listen to six people talk about whether they are shy.
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Katia, Mexico
Am I shy? I'm not sure. Sometimes I am shy. Sometimes I am not shy, so I think it depends on the situation. If it's people that I know, if it's people I don't know. So am I shy? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

Jeff, Canada
Am I shy? Absolutely not. I think I'm not a shy person but there's a difference between things like public speaking and shyness, but no, I'm not shy.

Fred, Canada
Am I shy? That's an interesting question. No, I'm not going to say to "no". I'm not going to say 'yes', I think I might be in between. I enjoy talking to people very much but also at the same time, I could consider myself to be a reserved person. I like to talk about other people's things, not so much about my things.

Shibika, India
I don't think... I don't think I'm a shy person. I 'm open. I like interacting with people and I like making friends so I don't think I'm a shy person.

Sabriya, Oman
No, I'm not a shy person. I like meeting new people. I like speaking to people. I like making friends and socializing. I can do that.

Lupe, United States / Mexico
Am I shy? No, I don't think I'm shy, or I think maybe it depends on the occasion, where I'm at, and who I'm with. For the most part, I think I'm really outgoing. I love meeting new people and I love talking to someone I just met because it anything it gives you more to talk about. You can ask more questions because you don't know much about the person. There are certain times when maybe I'm just not in the mood to talk to someone, so I tend to be a little quiet, but I don't think that that really makes me a shy person, so for the most part, I don't think I'm shy.

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