Mixer #79
What is your big adventure?
Several people discuss an adventure they'd like to do.
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Lori / Canada
Oh, right now, the adventure I am planning is an extensive trip in Southeast Asia. I've always dreamed of going to Angor Wat, so I want to see that place before it's been overrun with too many tourists.

Chris / England
Well, I always said that I wanted to try parachute jumping, and I had the chance when I was in high school to do that but my dad stopped me going in the end because he said ... well, I'm quite a big guy - quite heavy ... and so, he was like, "Well, if you want to do it, then you really should lose a bit of weight because, you know, you're gonna fall and you're gonna shatter your legs" so he was very supportive of my dream, so in the future I think I'd like to try that, but maybe I should lose some weight.

Aki / Japan
I want to go to Antartica and maybe go on a dog sleigh. I don't like the cold weather, but I want to experience that sleigh and actually I want to go on the dog sleigh for my honeymoon and experience Antartica with my husband.

Amir / Iran
I would like to do skydiving, yeah. Skydiving, because I have acrophobia. This would be the biggest adventure I could can take. Just falling from the airplane for a few minutes. You know, now silence there. It would be strengthening me from inside, doing this adventure.

Helen / Canada
Well, I would really like to go cycling somewhere like Nepal or something like that, where there's lots of rugged mountains and beautiful scenery. I don't think I'm in shape enough to do it just now but maybe some time in the future, when I have more time to work out and stuff.

Eoin / England
A big adventure I'd like to do is another long-distance cycling trip. Previously I cycled around Japan - a few areas in Japan ... a cycle trip around Europe. I think I'd like to do a huge trip from somewhere in Europe to somewhere in Asia and maybe like England across to Beijing or something like that.

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