How to learn English Vocabulary- Study tips from ELLLO

25 Tips to Learn English Fast!

Use the following tips to improve your English quickly and in a fun and engaging way!

Hello everyone! This is Todd from! Students often ask me for ways to learn English fast. There are many ways to learn English. It is important to try a variety of ways and learn the way you like best. Here are 25 tips for learning English fast.

1) Ask your teacher lots questions in English.

  • When you do not understand something, let your teacher know!

2) Be active! Take control of your learning!

  • There are many ways to learn English. You can use the following tips to become active.

3) Chat in English online on social media.

  • Go to places like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and leave comments.

4) Discuss things like movies in English with friends.

  • Have friends over and then watch and discuss an English movie.

5) Enjoy what you do! Listen and read about things you like.

  • Look for content in English on things you like.

6) Follow famous English speakers on social media.

  • See what some celebrities are saying online.

7) Get organized. Write down what you learn and review it!

  • When you learn something new, be sure to record it to review and remember it.

8) Have patience! Do not expect to learn too much too fast.

  • Give yourself at least three months to see improvement.

9) Invest time and money in your studies.

  • Use your time and money wisely in your English adventure.

10) Join an English conversation circle or English newsletter.

  • Make an English community a part of your life.

11) Keep a notebook in English.

  • Keep track of new words you learn. Go old-school and buy a notebook and write down new words you learn. Review it often.

12) Listen to lots of lessons on!

  • The more you listen, the better and faster you will learn English! ELLLO has over 2,500 free audio and video lessons.

13) Make a plan! Make a learning schedule and stick to it!

  • Try to do ten hours of study a month. You will see big results in three months.

14) Notice your mistakes and try to fix them!

  • Practice writing with spell check and grammar check on Word or Google Docs. Correct your mistakes. Or better yet, try voice typing on Google Docs!

15) Open yourself up to new ideas!

  • Don't always study the same way. While it is a good idea to study what you love, it is also important to try new ways of learning and new topics from time to time.

16) Practice English by listening and reading as much as you can.

  • The formula for success is simple: Time x Effort = Outcome

17) Quiz yourself by taking listening quizzes on

  • Don't be passive! Take quizzes on elllo to check your comprehension.

18) Read in English at least ten minutes a day!

  • Try! Studies show that students who read a lot learn a lot!

19) Set goals, such as learning a new word every day!

  • Do it on elllo! Try to reach both short term goals (25 new words per week) and long term goals (B2 to C1 in three months)

20) Teach your language! Great way to practice with foreigners.

21) Use English as much as you can every day!

  • Use as many of these tips as you can.

22) Visit a English Language website every day.

  • Look for English language newspaper sites in different countries. Check them out!

23) Watch videos in English

  • Such as One Minute English on elllo!Learn English naturally by seeing how fluent English speakers answer various questions.

24) Shop online - or window shop - at English online shops.

  • When shopping online, try to the "English" language version!

25) Check your listening comprehension by taking quizzes on elllo!

  • Listen to one lesson on elllo every day and take the quiz!

Choose a lesson by your level. Try to do one lesson a day and take the quiz. You should see big improvement in reading, listening and vocabulary soon!

Most importantly - keep going. Learning is a fun journey. Have fun and don't stress! All good things come with time.

Thanks for learning and listening!

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