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Hey everybody! Hi, this is Todd from elllo, and I have something exciting to share with you today. You can now upload videos up onto elllo. People have asked for this for a long time. They said, I want to be on elllo! How can I be on elllo!

How to Use Flipgrid
  1. Download APP
  2. Open the APP
  3. Insert Code
  4. Take a Video
  5. Submit a Video
    Note: Apply above to
    get the code.

Well, now you can! You just have to download an app onto your phone and the app is called flipgrid, and once you get flipgrid on your phone, it's free, then you can write to me and I can give you a code. You put in the code and you record the video on your phone, and then boom, that's it. I get the video. If it's a good video I can put it on elllo.

So I'm going to make one right now showing you how easy it is. So, I'm going to go ahead and open up the app, and then once you have the app, you click a button, and you click an area that says add response, so I'm about to roll, and I'm going to talk about my favorite place.

Hello everybody, this is Todd from ELLLO and now I am talking about my favorite place. So I'm from America but I teach English in Japan and there is a lake near my house that I really, really like. And one thing I like about the lake is that it has beautiful trees. There are all these lovely trees around, and especially in the fall, when the colors change, it's just beautiful. It is so nice. I like to come here, although now, I'm a little. I need a jacket. I wish I had a jacket right now. It's getting much. much colder, but still I love the fall. It's my favorite season. I don't like winter too much, so I have to really enjoy the winter before it gets too cold, but now I'm just loving it because there's all these beautiful colors and it's really peaceful and quiet, and it's just a good place to be. What about you? What is your favorite place? Also do you live near a beautiful place like this? Do you have a change of seasons? And that's it. Bye!

So then I went ahead and saved the video. Then all I got to do is send the video.

Ohh ... sorry, so then you can send the video up to me and boom your done! And as you can see I am so cold right now, so I'm going to go get a jacket but you can download flipgrid, and you can take a video and then you can get the code from me, and boom, you'll be on elllo. It's really easy to do. I look forward to getting your video. Thanks!